Wallrav Group is a specialist company focused on precision machining of metal and plastic. With high-performance machinery equipment and professional staff of welders, turners, engineers and designers, Wallrav is one of the leading companies in the region.

In over ten years, Wallrav transformed itself from a small company in one of the larger companies in Lubuskie. Currently, the company carries out work both in Poland and Germany, where it is represented by WALLRAV Sp. Z o.o. - Zweigniederlassung Deutschland.

The company's strategy covers equally the development of production and social engagement. Wallrav supports activities related to children sport activity, promotes motorsports and charity.

1.Chairman (Co - owner):
Rafał Waliłko walilko@wallrav.com
2.Office manager - WALLRAV Germany acountant (Co - owner): 
Joachim Pfaender joachim.pfaender@t-online.de
3.Director of Administration / Management Representative:
Renata Lisowska lisowska@wallrav.com
Adrian Wykurz wykurz@wallrav.com
5.Production director: 
Ryszard Kapela wallrav@wallrav.com
6.WALLRAV Poland Office Manager:
Jessica Wysocka wysocka@wallrav.com
7.Marketing Specialist: 
Michal Kaliszewski
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